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In general, most settings can be left as standard. All Automix programs have presets included with which you can easily switch output level standards as well as the level of International Sound. These presets can be switched while live, all controls that are part of the preset will move slowly. The controls that really define the sound of the program (like dialog brightness) will stay as they are.

Some general rules of thumb:

  • For sports that need a lower level of International Sound, like cycling for instance, setting the “Ambience Mix” knob to a setting around -7db works well.
  • For sports that need a high level of International Sound, like car racing or a sport with a loud audience, setting the “Ambience Mix” knob to a setting around 0db works well.
  • When the Smart Gain algorithm does things, it is not supposed to do (e.g., when there is a lot of silence, identify sounds that are really low in level as important and thus riding the whole noise floor up), you can set the “Ambience Smart Gain” knob to 0 and manually adjust the base level of international sound with the “Ambience Mix” knob.
  • For sports that require very loud ambience / music (e.g., gymnastics) you could set the “Ambience Mix” even louder than 0 and set the “Dialog Focus” button high enough so that the commentators are easy to follow. The trick is to find the point where the pumping, that will happen, is not really annoying yet. You can also try and add more compression to the ambience signal (Ambience Comp), to bring the low parts of the signal up
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