A fresh aproach to broadcast audio


A growing challenge of UHD 4K transmission is that there is a relatively high processing delay when delivering video. Often a broadcaster will want to use the same audio mix for the “faster” HD video as for the UHD feed. This can create a clearly visible delay between the audio and image of the UHD broadcast. As an example, you can hear a ball being kicked before you see it.

A solution for this is to delay the audio signal for the UHD broadcast. But there is a complicating factor to this relatively simple problem: the delay may change due to the rerouting of data paths or other issues.

The LAMA AutoSync software solution automatically and continuously measures the amount of delay between the different signals and applies this delay to the target audio. This ensures near-sample level synchronization.

Based on our ‘connect and forget’ philosophy, the solution supports applying the delay compensation to multiple target signals at the same time. The amount of delay applied is determined by the comparison of the two separate guide signals.

AutoSync can be used to simply re-sync two signals, or to apply delay compensation to any arbitrary signals for maximum flexibility.

Near sample accurate delay compensation

Our custom audio comparison algorithm ensures accuracy of synchronization to within 2 samples.

Virtually unlimited offset between signals

As standard we analyze a window of 10 seconds to determine the sync offset. As this is a software solution, the size of the window is almost arbitrary and can be easily changed.

One analyzer can control unlimited delays

Microphone bleed from multiple sources is automatically detected and processed. The processing is only applied to the correct signal.

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