A fresh aproach to broadcast audio


The term Automix has been used since the 1970’s. In reality, these simple predominantly hardware-based systems are not content aware and simply prioritizing the loudest audio signal.

LAMA AutoMix is the first intelligent software solution that allows broadcasters to connect multiple audio signals from commentators, international sounds and video sources and then output a balanced mix that meets industry standard levels, all in real-time. Brilliant listening experiences, are now as easy as ‘connect & forget’.

Brilliant listening experiences,
are now as easy as ‘connect & forget’.

Automatic EQing of speech

Unprocessed microphone feeds are analyzed and tonally adjusted to meet a predefined target that ensures a standard quality.

Automatic detection of bleed from multiple microphones

Microphone bleed from multiple sources is automatically detected and processed. The processing is only applied to the correct signal.

Automatic leveling of speech

Independent of the microphone input level, the signal is dynamically adjusted to ensure a broadcast level output.

Automatic leveling of ambience
(international sound)

By using intelligent content recognition, we identify the important sounds within the original signal and ensure that their level is adjusted to within the standard loudness range. This is especially important in highly dynamic sports like tennis, golf and snooker, where loud moments are alternated with periods of almost silence. The ambiance level is also automatically adjusted to ensure you can still clearly hear the commentary.

Output levels based on ITU BS.1770-3 standard

The output level is continuously adjusted to ensure compatibility with the ITU BS.1770-3 standards.

Personal preferences

We allow for the creation of presets according to the broadcasters’ specific sound preferences based on:

  • The difference in level between the speech and ambience.
  • The tonal properties of the speech.
  • The amount of compression on the output channel.

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We challenge the status quo of inflexible traditional broadcast workflows and technology. Our software fully automates mixes for live broadcasts and synchronization of broadcast sound.